From below to be submitted by a Millcreek Township School District Middle School Principal.


Student Recognition 

Congratulations to the 2019 MEF Sparks!

Congratulations to the dynamic dozen- the future is bright!
JS Wilson: Aiden Antuzzi, Rachel Maggio, Tyler Ochs, Cadence Hoover
Walnut Creek: Jalen Plaster, Joey Orlando, Micah Devore, Tatum Eberle
Westlake: Rosa Simon, Macy Testa, Spencer Deitz, Zack Yeager
Four students from each Millcreek middle school were selected by the building principal and faculty as MEF Sparks for their exemplary investment in the school community and possess a spark worthy of admiration.


To remain in good standing, you must complete the required updates by June 15, 2019

Click on WHAT WE SUPPORT in the above menu and choose "MEF SPARKS" to get to the form.

2018 Sparks must submit the following required information by June 15, 2019 to remain in good standing:

(Responses may be used by MEF to promote the recognition program.)

MEF SPARKS Student Recognition 

Student in the 8th grade at any MTSD middle school
Exemplify the Character Counts Six Pillars:

Extra-Curricular Involvement
Conscientious decision-making
GPA (Only should only be considered when narrowing down selection of recipients)

Student Selection:
Middle School Principals will work with 8th grade faculty to designate recipients and submit to MEF each year.

Two students will be selected from each team in the 8th grade at JS Wilson, Walnut Creek, and Westlake Middle Schools (4 students per school/12 students total)

MEF SPARKS Recognition Program

The Millcreek Education Foundation's primary objective is to invest in the success of Millcreek students.

Our Sparks program has been developed to recognize students completing middle school that exemplify the characteristics of being invested in the school community and possess a spark worthy of admiration.

Principals and middle school faculty chose two “Sparks” per 8th grade team –4 students from each MTSD middle school to be recognized with this designation. Students are selected by the following criteria:


  • School Pride (participation, encouraging involvement, supporting classmates and staff)
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Motivation (to learn, improve, and motivates others)
  • Kindness and Inclusion

Represents Responsibility

  • GPA (B or greater) and Academic Pride
  • Involvement in Extra-Curricular Interests
  • Excellent Attendance History –Middle School

Each “Spark” will be required to submit information annually to the Millcreek Education Foundation to be eligible for a financial award upon graduation from McDowell High School.