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Scholarships and Grants 

These are just a few of the ways we support the advancement of education in the Millcreek Township School District. For information or to apply, 

April 1 Submissions:
MEF Trustees recently approved $8,647.00 in grant funding to be used for the following:
**Stephanie Travers/Grandview Elementary: Grandview Blacktop Project –Creation of a fully inclusive (all grades and abilities) blacktop play space and sensory path.
**Miranda Lish, Betsey Gotham, Ashley Holdford/All MTSD Elementary Schools: Sensory Pathways –Creation of sensory pathways in the hallways at each MTSD Elementary School, with Asbury being the pilot school this coming year.
**Sarah Thompson-Samec/Belle Valley Elementary: ESL Communication Devices –purchase 8 translation devices and 10 sets of Bluetooth headphones to assist in Belle Valley’s ability to communicate with their ESL families and students.
**Kim Adams/All MTSD Schools: Purchase seven Ipads for each MTSD school nurse to be used to download Apps that will serve as quick guides and reference tools for the nurses.
**Sarah Webb/MIHS: McDowell’s Blue Bean Café to purchase a Ninja Blender, Ice Maker, and whey protein mixes.

December 1 Submissions:​
Jean Malthaner/Westlake MS: For solar robot building classroom kits, Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kits, and Volcano DVDs.
Michael McKinney/Walnut Creek MS: For the Choral Department to purchase sheet music folios for students
Emily Skelton/Walnut Creek MS: For the purchase of sensory tools and flexible seating
Leslie Weber/MIHS:  To support McDowell students for a Disney World Broadway Workshop and Performance experience
Kim Clerkin and Jayme Taylor/MIHS:  To support the start-up of a Student Garden Club with supplies and materials needed 

August 1 Submissions:

Mrs. Snider/Asbury: to purchase a hygrometer and candler for chick embryology activities
Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Kirsch/Walnut Creek: to purchase Historical Fiction Accelerated Reader Books & Artifacts
Mrs. Patsy/McDowell: for students to attend the Sewing & Quilt Expo!


& Staff

Alumni Association As a graduate of McDowell High School, you are among some of the most accomplished people in the world. MEF is available to help connect you with your classmates, other alumni and faculty. We can assist you with your reunion contact lists and help you stay connected.

mcdowell alumni


Sara Beilharz

Scott Calhoun

Laurie Callaghan - Secretary

*Dr. Susan Greenaway

*Kristina Huber, CFRE (Executive Director)

Barbara Johnson - President

Genene Mattern

Susan Matteson

Wendy Miller

*Darcie Moseley, Co-Acting MTSD Superintendent

*Tom Murabito - MTSD School Board Representative

*Aaron O'Toole, Co-Acting MTSD Superintendent

Bob Praetzel

Doug Prozan - Vice President

Frank Tofani, EA - Treasurer

Angela Walter

* Non-Voting Trustee

Community support and input is essential. We encourage members of the community to get involved in what we are doing to provide valuable resources to strengthen our schools and enhance the opportunities available to District students. 

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so much to us!

Investing in student success.

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​​​​​The Millcreek Education Foundation exists to support the students in the Millcreek Township School District by seeking partners to provide for educational programming, ​staff professional development, student scholarships and various needs of the district.


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                            MEF is receiving messages                                                  and phone calls asking how                                                to help Millcreek students.      In this unpredictable time, please  consider a gift to the   John Patrick Keck Fund for Essential Student Needs. 
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We are grateful for the many requests to help!